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    The recent revolutionary developments of high-throughput sequence technologies have resulted in an enormous amount of molecular sequence data, which offers unprecedented opportunities to discover evolutionary patterns and genome function. Analyses of these data using available methods are time-consuming, memory-intensive, and require high-performance computing facilities for analysis, causing excessive greenhouse gas emissions. There is a need to develop fast, economical, and accurate methods and tools for evolutionary analyses of genome-scale sequence alignments. This symposium will bring together researchers, computational biologists, and software developers to discuss green technologies that will save energy, time, and resources, enabling everyone to participate in big data evolutionary research and enhancing the rigor and reproducibility of research results.
    The symposium will cover a range of topics, including novel computational methods and algorithms for evolutionary analyses of large-scale molecular sequence data; innovative approaches for optimizing the performance of existing computational methods to handle larger data sets; development of user-friendly software tools and pipelines that reduce reliance on high-performance computing facilities; and applications of simple and fast computing methods for studying evolutionary relationships, molecular evolution, and phylogenetics.

    Koichiro Tamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
    Sudhir Kumar (Temple University, USA)

    Potential Invited Speakers
    Koichiro Tamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
    Sudhir Kumar (Temple University, USA)
    Sayaka Miura (Temple University, USA)
    Beatriz Mello (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

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