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    I like this idea

    “Probabilistic Models for and Analysis of Gene Content Evolution in Genomes”
    Barbara Holland and David A. Liberles
    University of Tasmania (Australia) and David Liberles (Temple University)

    Gene content evolution explains the genomic differences that can contribute to lineage-specific differences in organismal phenotypes. With increasingly complete sets of genome sequences across the tree of life, modeling in a phylogenetic context is needed to characterize the genomic differences and the divergent processes that give rise to them. This symposium will present a collection of talks on mathematical models and statistical frameworks for various processes giving rise to these differences, as well as results from their implementation. Talks presenting systematic changes in gene content to the core and pan genomes across a clade or the tree of life as well as the processes driving them will also be included.

    Three Invited Speakers, all of whom have agreed
    Liang Liu, University of Georgia, USA
    David Liberles, Temple University, USA
    Barbara Holland, University of Tasmania, Australia

    Additional Potential (Likely) Speakers:
    Malgorzata O’Reilly, University of Tasmania, Australia
    Cara Weisman, Princeton University, USA

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