For the sake of the environment, we will not be printing the book of abstracts. However, it is available as a PDF here. The book of abstracts includes the talks, posters, and an index of attendees.

Friday, 15 December 2023

Time SlotFoyerLT26 (350p)LT27 (650p)LT28 (367p)LT29 (278p)
12:30-18:00Registration – Refreshments Provided 4PM-6PM

Saturday, 16 December 2023

Time SlotFoyerLT26LT27LT28 LT29
08:30-09:00Welcome Orientation
09:00-10:00Plenary in LT27: Frank Rheindt, The build-up and loss of genetic diversity in Southeast Asian biota
10:30-12:30Early evolution of vertebrates from evo-devo and paleontological perspectives (part 1)Fitness landscapes bridge evolution and molecular biologyImpact of introgressive hybridization on tropical diversificationEvo-Devo
12:30-14:00Lunch Provided
14:00-16:00Early evolution of vertebrates from evo-devo and paleontological perspectives (part 2)Why sex? insights from asexual genomesVirus evolution: from basic research to public health applicationsEvolution of Traits
16:00-18:00Poster session*
*Posters should not exceed A1 in size (59.4 x 84.1 cm or 23.4 x 33.1 inches).

Sunday, 17 December 2023

Time SlotFoyerLT26LT27LT28 LT29
09:00-10:00Plenary in LT27: Wei Zhang, Leaf Masquerade Mimicry in Oakleaf Butterflies
10:30-12:30Behavioral evolution in vertebrates: diversity, genomics and mechanismsAn evolutionary perspective on pollinator biodiversity, systematics, and conservationGenetics of adaptation and evolution of novel traits Evolution of Populations
12:30-14:00Lunch Provided
14:00-16:00The evolution of invertebrate sensory ecology and behavioursPaleo- and macro- ecology in tropical AsiaEvolvability: a common currency of evolution, ecology and development
16:00-18:00Poster session*

Monday, 18 December 2023

Time SlotFoyerLT26LT27LT28 LT29
09:00-10:00Plenary in LT27: Guojie Zhang, Evolutionary and developmental mechanisms of ant social caste system
10:30-12:30Marine evo-devo: new frontiers from emerging marine model organismsThe genomics of adaptation and speciation (part 1)Genomic diversity in nonequilibrium populations
12:30-14:00Lunch in Canteen
14:00-16:00Novel insights regarding genome architecture evolution in the arthropodaThe genomics of adaptation and speciation (part 2)Ecology and Evolution
  • The GrandOmics Best Student Talk Prizes
  • The RCIES Best Student Poster Prizes
  • Final Remarks
  • Time SlotRC4 Dining Hall
    18:00-20:00Conference Dinner

    Tuesday, 19 December 2023 – Optional Excursions

    Sungei BulohSouthern RidgesBukit Timah
    Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve has 130ha featuring mangroves, forests, and crocodiles. Taxi to and from the park. Admission is free.Excursion to hike a ridge of connected parks from NUS to VivoCity, with views of parkland and skyscrapers. Return by MRT or taxi.Visit a 163-ha nature reserve and one of the few areas of primary rainforest. Taxi or MRT to Beauty World MRT Station. Admission is free.
    Gardens By the BayPulau UbinBotanic Gardens
    Visit indoor climate-controlled conservatories and outdoor gardens with Supertrees. More info here. Taxi or MRT to Bayfront MRT Station, plus ~S$15 entrance fee.Visit an island with secondary forest and a kampong reminiscent of Singapore a century ago. Taxi to Changi Point Ferry Terminal (~S$35), plus boat fare (~S$4). Bring your passport.Founded in 1859, the botanic garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features an Evolution Garden. Taxi or MRT to the Botanic Gardens MRT station.