Conference participants are urged to book their housing arrangements early while there are still vacancies.

University dormitories

Located on campus, student dormitories are conveniently located within walking distance of the lecture halls. The cost per night is approximately S$40 for students and about double that for non-students. Students are required to prove their status ahead of time by making available a digital copy of their student ID card. The minimum reservation start-date is 15 December 2023, but the end-date can be any date thereafter in the month of December (i.e. participants who wish to stay in Singapore for a more extended period may do so).

Nearby hotels

None of our suggestions should be viewed as an endorsement or recommendation.

Public transportation is fairly good, so it is possible to stay at more distant hotels so long as you can connect to the orange Circle Line, which brings you to Kent Ridge MRT station. Example hotels near MRT stations for a subway commute: