AsiaEvo welcomes scientists to present their research in any of the following 17 symposia — in addition to a general “open” category. In the case of the 17 symposia, the selection and lineup of presenters is at the discretion of the symposium organizers, but typically includes 2-3 invited speakers and 4-5 contributing speakers in a two-hour time-slot.

  1. An evolutionary perspective on pollinator biodiversity, systematics, and conservation.
  2. Behavioral evolution in vertebrates: diversity, genomics and mechanisms.
  3. Early evolution of vertebrates from evo-devo and paleontological perspectives.
  4. Evolvability: a common currency of evolution, ecology and development.
  5. Fitness landscapes bridge evolution and molecular biology.
  6. Frontiers in vertebrate functional-morphological evolution studies.
  7. Genetics of adaptation and evolution of novel traits.
  8. Genomic diversity in nonequilibrium populations.
  9. Impact of introgessive hybridization on tropical diversification.
  10. Marine evo-devo: new frontiers from emerging marine model organisms.
  11. Novel insights regarding genome architecture evolution in the arthropoda.
  12. Paleo- and macro- ecology in tropical Asia.
  13. The evolution of invertebrate sensory ecology and behaviours.
  14. The genomics of adaptation and speciation.
  15. Virus evolution: from basic research to public health applications.
  16. Why sex? insights from asexual genomes.