The Cenozoic history of palms: diversification and biogeography
by Jun Ying Lim | National University of Singapore
Abstract ID: 46
Event: The 3rd AsiaEvo Conference
Topic: Paleo- and macro- ecology in tropical Asia
Presenter Name: Jun Ying Lim

Tropical rain forests and mangroves are much smaller in extent today than in the early Cenozoic, primarily owing to global cooling and drying trends since the Eocene–Oligocene transition. The general reduction of these biomes is hypothesized to shape the diversity and biogeographical history of tropical plant clades. However, this has rarely been examined owing to a paucity of good fossil records of tropical taxa and the difficulty in assigning them to modern clades. Here, we evaluate the role that Cenozoic climate change might have played in shaping the diversity and biogeography of tropical plants through time, by examining the exquisite fossil pollen record for an iconic and ubiquitous component of tropical forests globally: the palms.