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    Symposium title: Behavioral evolution (vertebrates) :Diversity, Genomics and Mechanisms

    Symposium organizer:
    1 Qi Xiao-Guang, Northwest University
    2 Zhang Guo-Jie, Zhejiang University

    Invited speakers:
    1 Qi Xiao-Guang, Northwest University

    Behavior is a fundamental aspect of living animals, encompassing feeding, mating and social systems amongst other things. Studying animal behavior in an ecological and evolutionary context provides insights into interactions with environments and indicates how behavior changes over time.
    Behavioral mechanisms regulate individual fitness and are therefore key drivers of evolutionary change. The study of behavioral evolution examines the forces that generate and shape behavior, including genetic and environmental factors. As a complex trait, behavioral evolution typically involves changes in multiple systems, from anatomy to sensory or digestive systems.
    Understanding behavioral evolution can lead to solutions for conservation issues such as protecting endangered species, environmental assessment and designing nature reserves. Additionally, studying animal behavior can provide insights into the causes and evolution of individual, social and reproductive human actions.
    Compared with model organisms, non-model animals have greater differences in behavior and adapt to a wider range of environments, giving them unique advantages in studying behavioral and adaptive evolution. Studying the genetic basis of behavioral evolution in non-model animals is due to their unique value in this field.
    With the development of sequencing technology and modern omics tools, we can better understand the animal behavior and its genetic basis of behavioral evolution in animals, which will promote our understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem function. Therefore, the discussion topic we propose for this symposium is “Behavioral evolution (vertebrates): Diversity, Genomics and Mechanisms”.

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