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    “Early Evolution of Vertebrates from Evo-Devo and Paleontological Perspectives, Part 1”
    Tatsuya Hirasawa and Zhikun Gai
    The University of Tokyo (Japan) and Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, CAS (China)

    In the past twelve years (one Chinese zodiac cycle), our understandings of the major morphological transitions that occurred during the early evolution of vertebrates has been transformed by a number of key discoveries and new insights form cellular and molecular developmental biology. Fossil discoveries, including articulated galeaspids, maxillate placoderms, and early osteichthyans have provided fundamental new insights into the origin and diversification of jawed vertebrates. However, interpreting these remains has relied heavily on insights from developmental evolution, such as through comparative analyses of craniofacial development from hagfishes, lampreys and jawed vertebrates, led in particular by the Kuratani lab at RIKEN. In honor of the retirement of Professor Shigeru Kuratani, this symposium will review recent progress in understanding the evolutionary morphology of early vertebrates, discuss unsolved problems and map a future for integrative research in this field, including speakers from the forefront of both evo-devo and paleontology. The part 1 focuses on the evolution from jawless to jawed vertebrates.

    Invited Speakers
    Shigeru Kuratani, RIKEN, Japan (agreed)
    Zhikun Gai, IVPP, China (agreed)
    Philip C. J. Donoghue, University of Bristol, UK (schedule under adjustment)
    Gembu Abe, Tottori University, Japan (schedule under adjustment)

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