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    I like this idea

    Per E. Ahlberg, Jing Lu, and You-an Zhu
    Uppsala University (Sweden), and Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, CAS (China)

    Over the course of the past twelve years, significant advances have transformed our understanding of the major morphological transitions that occurred during the early evolution of vertebrates. These breakthroughs include key discoveries and insights from cellular and molecular developmental biology, as well as fossil discoveries such as the oldest teeth, maxillate placoderms, early osteichthyans, and Devonian tetrapods. These findings have provided fundamental new insights into the origin and diversification of jawed vertebrates and the fish-tetrapod transition. In honor of the retirement of Professor Shigeru Kuratani, whose groundbreaking research reconstructed the mechanistic developmental basis behind evolutionary novelties in vertebrates such as jaws and the turtle carapace, this symposium aims to review recent progress in understanding the evolutionary morphology of early vertebrates. The event will also discuss unresolved issues and map a future for integrative research in this field, with speakers from the forefront of both evo-devo and paleontology. Part 2 of the symposium will focus on the early evolution of jawed vertebrates, with an emphasis on key events such as the origin and early diversification of gnathostomes, and the emergence of tetrapods.

    Invited Speakers:
    Per Ahlberg, Uppsala University (agreed)
    Jing Lu, IVPP, China (agreed)
    You-an Zhu, IVPP, China (agreed)
    Tatsuya Hirasawa, the Univ. of Tokyo, Japan (agreed)
    Vaskaninova, Uppsala University (agreed)
    Donglei Chen, Uppsala University (schedule under adjustment)

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