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    The concept of evolvability—the capacity of a population to generate and maintain adaptive variation—has become increasingly prominent in evolutionary biology. Recent advancements in the measurement, conceptualization and application of evolvability have provided novel opportunities for studying one of the most enduring questions in biology: whether and how evolutionary processes operating at the population may scale up to the patterns and processes of phenotypic and lineage diversity across the tree of life. However, applications of the evolvability framework are currently limited within evolutionary biology, and much conceptual and empirical work is still necessary to integrate this powerful framework to other two major branches of evolutionary research: ecology and developmental biology. In this symposium, we will bring together researchers of evolvability from backgrounds of evolution, ecology, and developmental biology. We aim to thrust the field forward by showcasing state-of-the-art approaches that utilizes evolvability as a common currency to exchange data, methods, and concepts between eco-evo-devo research to stimulate the use of this powerful framework for wider fields of evolutionary biology.


    Masahito Tsuboi (Lund University, Sweden)
    Øystein Opedal (Lund University, Sweden)

    Confirmed invited speakers

    Katrina McGuigan (The University of Queensland, Australia)
    Naoki Irie (SOKENDAI, Japan)
    Daisuke Koyabu (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
    Lisandro Milocco (Lund University, Sweden)

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