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    I like this idea

    Organizers: Kavita Jain (J. Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, India) and Parul Johri (University of North Carolina, USA)

    Description: Contrary to what is assumed in most empirical and theoretical studies of evolution, natural populations are not in equilibrium. The nonequilibrium nature of the population may be because the equilibration time is too long and the population being observed has not reached its stationary state, or as a result of changing environment due to fluctuations in population size, varying selective environment or both. The nonequilibrium populations can, in general, leave different signals as compared to equilibrium ones and/or mimic the signatures of equilibrium populations but in different parameter regimes. An understanding of genetic diversity in such populations is essential to assess the evolutionary forces shaping the trajectories of a population and inferring population-genetic parameters. In this symposium, we invite a discussion of genetic variation in nonequilibrium populations, using computational tools, theoretical modeling, experimental methods, and empirical applications to population genomic data.

    Invited speakers:
    -Daniel Balick, Harvard Medical School, USA
    -Christian Huber, Pennsylvania State University, USA
    -Joanna Masel, University of Arizona, USA

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