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    I like this idea

    Biodiversity is dynamic not only in space but also with time. To fully understand large-scale biodiversity patterns and their mechanisms behind, it is essential to investigate not only contemporary macroecological patterns but also paleobiological patterns in fossil records. Tropical Asia is famous for their outstanding biodiversity both in marine and terrestrial habitats, and thus is an ideal region to study macro and paleoecology. However, regional biodiversity patterns such as latitudinal diversity gradient in the western Pacific region is not well understood. Here in this symposium, we showcase recent progress in regional–global scale paleoecology and macroecology in various time scales from the Anthropocene to hundreds of million years ago, with special emphasis on the tropical Asia, to discuss future direction of paleo-macro-ecological research in this region. Multidisciplinary approaches are particularly welcomed.

    Moriaki Yasuhara (University of Hong Kong)
    Yasuhiro Kubota (University of the Ryukyus)
    Chhaya Chaudhary (Alfred Wegener Institute)

    Invited speakers
    Yue Wang (Sun Yat-Sen University)
    Lin Na (Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology)
    Kenneth F. Rijsdijk (University of Amsterdam)

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      Dear Organizers,

      This is a very interesting and inspiring theme. I hope the discussions would be eminently multidisciplinary, and also believe they could be more so if studies in “geodiversity” (i.e. geological diversity in relation to biological diversity) could be added to the theme.

      I request the theme could be a little more broadened in the above sense.

      Eapsa Berry
      University of Delhi

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