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    I like this idea

    Why sex is the main route to reproduction for the vast majority of metazoans despite its many costs is still enigmatic after decades of research. Considerable empirical research focused on the long-term benefits of sex, but very little universal consequences of its absence could be identified. To understand ‘why sex’ we need more knowledge on the role of sexual and asexual reproduction in i) natural populations, ii) the process of transition to asexuality and the iii) immediate short-term consequences, as well as iv) consequences of diverse cytological mechanisms of asexuality. With the advancement of new technology, the time seems now suitable to discuss novel findings in the field and to identify important future research directions that help to solve the enigma of sex.

    Shan Gao (University of Cologne, Germany)
    Hüsna Öztoprak (University of Cologne, Germany)

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