The conference plans to allot all oral presentations into 18 symposia of two hours each, although we may assign two of these such that they are open to any presenters regardless of topic. Beyond that, all other presentations should be in the form of a poster. To propose a symposium, to vote on an existing proposal, or to provide feedback on existing proposals, you first need to be registered and you will need to be logged in.

We invite anyone who plans to participate in the conference to propose an idea for a symposium. Jump to the form at the bottom of this page and provide a Symposium Title and a Symposium Description. In the description, please list the names of the symposium co-organizers (we encourage international collaboration) and any presenters who have already expressed a desire to participate in your proposed symposium. Please limit your proposals to less than 500 words.

The deadline for submitting symposium proposals is 30 April 2023.

Each symposium has a two hour time slot. We suggest the following format: Three invited speakers give 20 minute talks in the first hour. Four contributed speakers give 15 minute talks in the second hour. The time slots for all talks includes question time, so moderators will want to limit the invited to 15 minutes and the contributed to 10 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for questions and AV switch-over for the next presenter.

Additionally, by adding comments to existing proposals, we invite participants to provide feedback, nominate their inclusion, suggest constructive criticism, etc., on any existing proposals. (Please be respectful!) Additionally, please provide “up” votes to help the organizers guess at the popularity of a given topic in order to decide on the size of the lecture hall. You cannot vote on your own proposal.

The Scientific Committee will judge symposium topics on the basis of timeliness, broad interest, and novelty. Additionally, proposals will be judged by the choice of participants, favoring diversity of viewpoint, nationality, institution, stage of professional development, and gender.

When a symposium and its participants have been “firmed-up” and approved of by the Scientific Committee, please re-edit the description to list each speaker, allotted time, and his or her tentative title. This will assist us in compiling the program.

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